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Six Steps to Healthy Eyes

Wear Some Form of Eye Protection

It is a good idea to use goggles or Canada Standards Association approved safety glasses while working with the likes of power tools or simply during playing sports. You could find the goggles and glasses at about any sporting goods store or hardware stores.

Be Certain to Eat Healthy

Food items that are rich in lutein, B vitamins, zinc, and vitamins A and C are great choices if you wish to maintain great eye health. Some of these items include kale, melons, eggs, carrots, citrus fruits and spinach.

Stay Active

It does not matter if you take up a sport, dance or just go for a walk, it is good to walk instead of leading a sedentary lifestyle that will cause your blood pressure and weight to rise. A spike in either could mean harm for your eyes.

Quit Smoking

Age-related macular degeneration is said to be the leading reason behind eye loss in Canada for individuals who are over 50 years old. As per studies, people who smoke have seven times the chance of acquiring age-related macular degeneration.

Provide Protection for Your Eyes from the Sun

Go for a pair of sunglasses that provide 98% protection against UV rays or just wear a hat with a brim and your eyes will stay protected.

Visit an Eye Professional Every Now and Then

If you have any eye issues, early detection is best. Therefore, drop by at your doctor’s every now and then and get your eyes checked, especially if you notice any changes in your vision.