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Eye See Eye Learn Program

Importance of Children’s Vision

Caring for your child’s vision health is an important part of their overall health. The Alberta Association of Optometrists and the Eye See Eye Learn program is devoted to ensuring the accurate detection and treatment of vision health problems in children; from birth to adulthood. The Eye See Eye Learn program offers an interactive and engaging way to teach your child general eye care routine and maintenance.

Under Alberta Health, the charge of full eye exams for those aged 0 to 18 is covered. The ESEL program additionally provides children in kindergarten requiring a prescription with a free pair of eyeglasses. Blink supports the ESEL program and the benefits it provides for your child’s eye health.

Indicators of Vision Health Issues

There are specific behavioral indicators your child may display of they have a certain eye health issue. It’s important to mention any of the following indicators to one of our optometrists upon your visit:

  • aversion to close or detail-oriented work (drawing/sketching or other crafts)
  • limited attention span or remaining dazed more than normal
  • tilting their head and using one eye to see (keeping one eye closed or covered)
  • putting face up to a book or desk when they are reading or writing
  • rubbing the eyes frequently and blinking excessively
  • losing spot while reading often or guiding reading stream with use of finger
  • issues with finishing written assignments in fixed time period
  • inability to remember most of what was read
  • insistent reverse of letter placement (age-inappropriate)
  • difficulty recalling, recognizing and reproducing simple geometric shapes (triangle, square)
  • poor hand-eye coordination
  • frequent headaches, feeling of nausea, and faintness
  • experiencing burning and itching sensation in eyes
  • random moments of blurred vision
  • experiencing double vision